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Get a jewelry appraisal in San Diego from an accredited jewelry appraiser with over 30 years of experience in the industry. We provide free jewelry appraisals for every item we sell, just schedule an appointment. We can also provide appraisal services for items we don’t sell from $100 and up depending on the complexity of the item. Expert appraisal of estate jewelry and fine contemporary, diamonds, precious gemstones, watches, metals and more. Appraisals can be done as quickly as one day, but generally a week in the event we need to research something.

Your precious jewelry items may have appreciated in value and in order to insure them properly, you may need an insurance appraisal. Contact Now for appraisal!

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  • We offer appraisals of all types include ring appraisals, gemstone jewelry appraisals, estate jewelry appraisal, precious metal appraisals and more! We’re also your go-to diamond appraiser in San Diego!
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Why Do I Need My Jewelry Appraised?

Our trained specialists will answer all your questions in an ethical manner. Jewelry appraisals are typically done for insurance or estate purposes as well as for divorces and other identification needs. If you’re looking to sell your jewelry for cash, J. Wiesner Private Jewelers we’ll provide a FREE in-store verbal appraisal.

  • It’s critical to stay up to date on jewelry appraisals for insurance and investment purposes
  • Insurance companies won’t accept a receipt of purchase as a legitimate measure of value, an appraisal can solve this problem
  • You may need to prove the value of your jewelry if a loss occurs, an appraisal can help prove this
  • Needed to determine fair market value for estate planning
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San Diego Jewelry Appraisers

Insurance companies, banks, estate attorneys and others, respect our appraisals as being fair and accurate. It’s important to insure your jewelry and we can assist with any appraisal for this purpose. A full write up including photo and evaluation with a replacement value will be presented, including a copy for your insurance company.

When Should Jewelry Appraisals Be Updated?

Most insurers suggest updating jewelry appraisal values every three to five years. Many policyholders learn this too late – loss often occurs before appraisals are updated. This can make it difficult to receive the current value on the lost item. Having your valuables appraised helps to protect, replace or identify their value in the event of the following: bankruptcy, natural disaster, fires and floods, theft, proof of ownership cases, divorce or estate settling.

Tools used to determine the value of your jewelry or valuables include a microscope, loupe, scale and gold/metal tester. These will ensure you’re getting a fair and accurate jewelry appraisal.
We promise to give jewelry appraisals that are fair and accurate to determine the authenticity, quality, design and value of a piece of jewelry.

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