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Ring Resizing In San Diego

Get ring resizing in San Diego from your private jewelers at J. Wiesner! If your ring recently hasn’t been fitting correctly or you need a slight adjustment we can provide a delicate service that will get that perfect fit. We offer ring sizing and resizing service for any rings that you may have whether it be a rose gold engagement ring, platinum or any other type of metal. 

Ring sizing takes a week to 10 days and can be expedited when necessary. During the ring resizing process gold or platinum is either added or removed to adjust the size then the ring soldered back together without any marks. A ring is never “stretched” larger or thinned out during the process. The ring is completely polished and refinished including re rhodium as needed when it is sized.

ring resizing san diego
Our expert jewelers have unique ring sizing techniques and years of experience to ensure your rings will fit perfectly! For ring resize service in San Diego scheduling a ring sizing appointment online or call 858-242-5636.

Ring Sizing Service San Diego

Find out the perfect ring size for your ring as one of our expert jewelers properly finds your correct ring size for maximum comfort and feel. When you purchase a ring from J. Wieser Private Jewelers we have ring samples in various sizes for you to try on to get the perfect fit. You can also use the ring sizing tool below to get an idea of you ring size.

How Do I Know What My Ring Size Is?

Measure around the finger on which the ring will be worn (in millimeters), then find the ring size closest to this measurement in the U.S. Ring Size Chart below. This will help us get an idea of a ring size to start with. Come in today to find the exact size that fits you best.

Size 3 = 44.2 millimeters
Size 3-1/2 = 45.5 millimeters
Size 4 = 46.8 millimeters
Size 4-1/2 = 48.0 millimeters
Size 5 = 49.3 millimeters
Size 5-1/2 = 50.6 millimeters
Size 6 = 51.9 millimeters
Size 6-1/2 = 53.1 millimeters
Size 7 = 54.4 millimeters
Size 7-1/2 = 55.7 millimeters
Size 8 = 57.0 millimeters
Size 8-1/2 = 58.3 millimeters
Size 9 = 59.5 millimeters
Size 9-1/2 = 60.8 millimeters
Size 10 = 62.1 millimeters
Size 10-1/2 = 63.4 millimeters
Size 11 = 64.6 millimeters
Size 11-1/2 = 65.9 millimeters
Size 12 = 67.2 millimeters
Size 12-1/2 = 68.5 millimeters
Size 13 = 69.7 millimeters
Size 13-1/2 = 71.0 millimeters

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Ring Resizing Smaller

If your ring doesn’t fit anymore and you need to resize your ring smaller in San Diego contact us to schedule an appointment. We’ll make sure to get the perfect fit and return your jewelry in perfect condition. If you have any additional questions don’t hesitate to call us at 858-242-5636 and we’ll help you with any questions you have.

ring resizing in san diego
Resize your ring to be smaller

Ring Resizing Larger

When your ring just seems to not fit correctly you can resize your ring larger to find that perfect fit! With our expertise we’ll safely and delicately add material from your ring to fit it to the correct size. You ring will still have its same beautiful look but will have the exact ring fit you want to rest comfortably on your fingers.

ring sizing service san diego
Resize your ring to be larger!
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