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We provide jewelry refinishing service in San Diego. Your enjoyment of your jewelry won’t fade because your treasure won’t lose its shine! Professional refinishing for your jewelry that will keep it sparkling like the first time you laid eyes upon it.

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Jewelry Refinishing San Diego

Jewelry refinishing is needed for white gold engagement rings and wedding rings overtime as your jewelry looses its shine. A crucial step in jewelry care and maintenance that should be done over the years to protect your investments and precious memories. Jewelry refinishing takes a ring that’s wearable but needs polishing, re-plating or general aesthetic repairs to bring it back to original. Contact us now to schedule a jewelry refinishing service in San Diego

Wedding Ring Refinishing

Get your sparkle back in your wedding rings! With white gold engagement ring refinishing we are able to give your ring a bright white shine. Refinishing white gold rings is a perfect option to make it look brand new again! When a white gold ring starts to “yellow” at some spots it is actually the rhodium wearing off and means it is time to be refinished.

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 Refinishing for white gold rings could be needed in as little as 6 months, but typically every year is common. Yellow gold and platinum rings can go longer since they don’t “yellow”, but they will need a good polishing to maintain their shine.

Rhodium Plating Jewelry Service In San Diego

When your white gold ring needs to be rhodium plated you can always get the shine and brightness of your engagement ring or wedding band back to its original glory by getting engagement ring rhodium plating done by certified jewelers. Contact us today to learn more about jewelry rhodium plating service in San Diego.

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Jewelry Care Tips: helpful info to help maintain your jewelry!

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Everything You Need To Maintain Your Jewelry Overtime

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