Finding the perfect engagement ring is a process that doesn’t have to be hard with proper ring education and using a reputable jeweler. There are many tips for buying an engagement ring that will help you decide what design options are best for you. For this post we will cover different engagement ring settings. 

So where should a future bride start? Prong, channel, bezel, tension look, pave, twist and bar: the options are endless and sometimes a bit daunting. Consider our 3 tips before deciding what engagement ring setting is right for you.

What Engagement Ring Setting Is Right For You

View our helpful infographic below to see the different types of engagement ring settings. Continuing reading below to see our best tips for choosing an engagement ring setting.

Engagement Ring Settings 101 Infographic



Best Tips For Choosing Engagement Ring Setting

  1. How many diamonds will your ring have?
    • The amount of diamonds you’ll have will influence the type of ring setting you choose. Some settings like the pave setting will make it easier to add more diamonds to your ring.
  2. Consider your wedding ring
    • Make sure you are thinking about what design you will go with for your wedding ring. Your wedding ring will have a big influence on what engagement ring setting you choose. Do you want rings that stack on top of each other? Do you want to wear a wedding band that matches your engagement ring? All these questions will help determine what engagement ring setting you choose. 
  3. What’s your lifestyle like?
    • Do you have an active lifestyle, do you use your hands a lot? A bezel setting might be the best option for you if you live a more active lifestyle since it encircles the diamond.


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